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Cinema is the heart of almost everyone in this world. We love to watch movies. Not only us but children and old age groups also love to watch their own favorite movies. It is now taking an important place in our lives. Every Friday, when a film releases, we all get very excited to see our favorite heroes. Eagerness generates curiosity and with this eagerness, we watch the movies till the end.

But today’s scenario is a way different from the past. Nowadays, some people don’t have enough time to go to theaters and watch movies while some don’t have enough money to even buy the tickets. So, for them, many apps have been introduced to provide the same experience of watching films.

In this article, we will discuss roughly the very famous app known as MovieBox for watching movies. It can be on any device and here we will discuss, how to download, install the MovieBox pro for iOS. So, what are we waiting for, let’s get started guys.

Features of MovieBox

The first thing that we always want to know is about the features of the app. So let’s discuss the features first:

  1. The best part that I personally like the most about MovieBox pro is that you can watch any latest movies or your favorite tv shows without any extra payment.
  2. You can also share your movie lists to your friends via WhatsApp or Facebook, etc.
  3. The app is regularly updated in order to provide you smooth running of the shows or films.
  4. There are no regional language restrictions in this app. You can adjust the language setting according to your own convenience.
  5. The downloading of movies is also very fast.
  6. You can also get access to its free VIP version without spending your penny.
  7. This app supports any iOS device, android phones and even Smart TV too.

moviebox for ios

How to download MovieBox Pro for iOS

It supports many devices that are running with the different operating system such as Apple, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. The downloading of the MovieBox pro is very simple, you just need to follow some steps given below:

  1. First go to your device’s ‘Setting’ menu and then to security.
  2. In the security menu, you will find “unknown source” icon. Turn it on.
  3. Then download the latest version of MovieBox pro APK file by going to a particular site and clicking download.

But you should have an idea about the requirements for downloading it-

 : You should have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. 

: There should be an active internet connection available.

How to install MovieBox pro for iOS:

For installing MovieBox pro, you need to follow some simple steps given below-

  1. You need to open any search engine and go to the site ‘App Valley’ 
  2. Once you get on the particular site, you will see their Search box. In that search box, you have to type and search MovieBox pro.
  3. Then, after some time, the MovieBox icon will be opened.
  4. Now, you have to click on that icon named as “Get” for installing the app.
  5. Now, move toward the home screen and you will see a box saying “would you like to install MovieBox Pro. Then, simply press the install button.
  6. Once the process get completed, you will get access to the app.


  • What is MovieBox pro?

It is an application specially designed for streaming both online and offline videos.

  • Is this application available for iOS devices?

Yes, of course, this application is available for iOS devices. You just need to install and download it.

  • Do you need an internet connection for installing it?

Yes, you should have a high-quality internet connection and data without that you will not be able to install it.

  • Can we connect this app to smart TV? 

Yes, why not! You are very free to connect and install it on your smart tv also.

Conclusion: MovieBox for iOS Download

Watching a movie is fun and if the fun that you are getting us free of cost then absolutely you will love it isn’t it? So, go pro and install the MovieBox pro app for iOS devices by following simple steps given above.

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